On Ecomm  
In Electronic Commerce Factory we believe in a committed way of doing business. In a way of understanding our relationship with our clients based on a firm commitment to offering them the most professional global advice and the best tools to ensure that their project is a success.

Since 1995, we have positioned ourselves globally as a pioneering company in mobility solutions, electronic commerce, mobile marketing and Premium platforms. Whether for large companies or small and medium sized ones, our greatest efforts go into innovating in products that improve the quality of their interpersonal communications (consumers, employees, partners, etc.), which has placed us as a key consultant in the new technology sector.

Our vision is summed up in the term "Behind the Web", which represents our drive to be involved in our clients' business when offering them a comprehensive proposal of services. The combination of technology, advice and constant support is for them synonymous with quality, efficiency and profitability.

Consultancy and technology supported by a strong investment in infrastructures and human resources. This is the key of Electronic Commerce Factory. Our three data centres in Spain, Holland and United Kingdom reflect the strength of our commitment to ensure that our clients' business is non-stop, and added to this is a team of professionals dedicated to supplying the necessary grey matter so that everything works correctly. As a result of our objective to expand our brand throughout the world, we have offices in Spain (Madrid and Castell├│n) and South America.

Whether in an environment developing web or wap products, mobile marketing, messaging solutions SMS, MMS, etc., platforms integrated between PC-Mobile environments, publicity planning or project management, our company is in the front line for contributing to improve the mobile experience of both the companies and the consumers themselves. This starts with the design itself of the products using an in-house team of creators, or the ability to carry out SEO and SEM activities to position each of them in the Internet ecosystem.

Our company is present in dozens of services surrounding you.

Company Values
Electronic Commerce Factory establishes your business on several levels:

  e-commfactory Always combine technology with services and comprehensive advice and offer products with maximum potential for growth.

  e-commfactory Mobility as the main objective of our developments.

  e-commfactory Constant study and improvement of the users' experience on the Internet, whether through web or wap.
  e-commfactory The reliability of our technological platform and the guarantee that services are constantly available.
  e-commfactory The development of electronic commerce solutions for generating secure revenues for our clients.
  e-commfactory The effectiveness and constant control of our clients' resources to obtain the best return from every activity.
  R+D department dedicated to the client's success

After 14 years of experience in such an active sector as Information Technology, the driving force behind a company like Electronic Commerce Factory could be none other than a strong and advanced R+D department. We have created our own unique platforms which allow us to offer both personalised solutions and services in ASP mode with all the support guarantees and resources as well as the necessary controls. Our applications for web and wap environments are at the heart the business of dozens of clients who have trusted us as their technological advisor and consultant. Our R+D department is the result of cooperation in a highly qualified team of professionals who are leaders in their respective areas of knowledge, coming from the key multinationals of the world and who have joined the Electronic Commerce Factory project.