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Internet is communication, and mobiles will be the main vehicle for quick interaction. Ecommfactory therefore offers a portfolio of mobile solutions including the design and creation of wap sites, the modification of portals already running on the web, the integration of exclusive mobile payment systems, or internationalisation into the most competitive markets.
e-commfactory   Adapt your products to mobile browsing
e-commfactory   Integrate payment solutions for your wap portals
e-commfactory   Support advertising models for wap
e-commfactory   Design wap applications to provide access to your products 
e-commfactory   Make any service profitable through mobile devices
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Each person on the street is a potential wap client

 On the move towards the wap environment

In Spain the number of mobiles exceeds the population, a unique phenomenon but one which occurs in other markets. This is because mobile solutions are destined to become one of the most developed sectors, given that it will be the preferred means of communication for the population in the medium and long term. 

Nowadays, the sector mainly progresses with activities of large operators, but many companies feel the need for a more accessible provider, who can speak in business terms which are more like their own and offering the flexibility to develop services according to their needs.

Our Behind the Web vision positions us as a first class technological, strategic and commercial advisor, so we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of mobile applications making them accessible to any business.

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These are some of the products developed by our team: 

Portal specialising in leisure services for adults, available in Spain, United Kingdom, USA, France, ...

Portal with entertaining content for mobiles, created with a simple interface that can be personalised.

Find the perfect wap service

Our multidisciplinary team allows us to take on a wap project in its entirety, from the idea's conception, design, development, integration, payment methods, etc.

Improve your brand's image with an efficient and accessible wap medium for your clients. Make yourself stand out with exclusive products.

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