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Expand the possibilities of the mobile world

The true measure of success is that clients recognise your products as a necessity and they become part of their consumer habits.
And the best way of doing this is to become part of their daily life through mobile devices, connecting millions of consumers with any activity.
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Make your company more attractive on the Internet.

Applications that improve life

Each product aims to differentiate itself from the competition with value-added extras, and nowadays, being accessible in a mobile environment is a necessary requirement.

Therefore, our company allows you to go further by integrating online opportunities in this medium, creating features that can be adapted to the needs of multiple manufacturers and operators.

We offer mobile applications for i-Phone, Blackberry, Androis etc. And we continue our research to create new solutions that improve the experience of companies and consumers in the mobile environment.

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These are some of the products created by our team:

Access button for mobile devicese-commfactory

Ecommfactory has created an innovative access button to its services accessible from the menu of any mobile device.

Try to improve what you offer

Our team can advise you on the best way to bring an idea to reality, however basic your situation may be.

In such a competitive environment as mobiles it is necessary to be even more exclusive to be successful.

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