Gateway / SMPP  

SMPP (short message peer-to-peer protocol) corresponds to a standard telecommunications protocol designed for exchanging SMS messages between teams and platforms that manage them and an SMS request service.

In Electronic Commerce Factory, based on this protocol, we have developed a series of applications that allow our clients to send a high flow of messages through their own services, integrating our SMS platform and thereby closing a communication cycle currently running with their public. In addition we offer the support of 3 localised data centres in different countries to guarantee permanent connectivity.

Information superhighways should have permanent connectivity.

Essential gateway

Essential so that companies with content implement response or communication services with potential clients, in a way that is integrated, secure and adapted to their requirements.

Supported versions

We work with the main versions supported by operators, amongst them, the most common ones SMPP v3.3 and v3.4.

Guaranteed redundancy

Of utmost importance is the provision of technical assistance and 24x7 monitoring that our infrastructure offers, with redundancy in 3 data centres in different countries.

Technical support

Our team offers immediate support to resolve any incident immediately, with data transmission systems to provide a response in any location.

Any market is possible

There are no limits to online services therefore through these gateways our company offers an ideal solution for facing worldwide expansion with guarantees.


Consult the characteristics of our HTTP gateways.