Mobile Marketing/ Olesms Platform  

Olesms in an online tool designed for the automated management of mobile marketing projects.

We have one of the best SMS platforms on the market, totally personalisable and fully created by our team. It is designed for running communication campaigns, whether via SMS, MMS, Wap Push, Video Push, etc.
Thanks to this it is possible to design the message, programme sending times, send it to thousands of users simultaneously in various countries and monitor receipt in real time. It is suitable not only for advertising campaigns, but also for reducing the cost of communicating with your clients.
  Olesms offers a control panel and simple and complete monitoring.

Greater speed in communications, with faster execution times.

Reducing the resources and costs of contacting your clients.

Make the message more effective, as it is created in a personalised way.

Possibility of integrating it into any online application already existing in your company.
Case Study
Client: Financial Manager GEFI.

Need: To communicate the IRPF (Spanish income tax) procedure date to clients.

Action: Sent the message "Remember that 22-10 is the last day for receiving your documentation. Attn. GEFISA".

Reducing communication costs;
decrease in human resources dedicated to making calls;
improvement in how clients perceive the service;
increase in the productivity of your business.
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