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Ecommfactory has created an effective Platform for the management of Alerts services directed at the companies' clients.

The configuration process is simple and thanks to our development team we offer levels of personalisation and follow-up that are totally modified to the requirements indicated.
The Alerts service involves users subscribing to a permanent channel of information, which also becomes a direct and recurrent payment method for the company promoting. It can be used by leisure companies, clubs, companies that offer direct promotions, etc.

  With the Alerts services the user is informed 24 hours a day.

How does it work?

The user will receive on their mobile a programme of predetermined messages written by the client company, which will bring them added value. 

In addition, this service can be configured as a points system to be exchanged for other complementary incentives, like acquiring ringtones, downloading games, discount vouchers, etc.
Case Study

Client: Film fans club.
Need: The promoters create a service of informative alerts for members.
Action: With a sponsor a system is created with points that are exchangable for prizes. To subscribe send an SMS with the word HIGH to 7105 and the user will receive two sponsored alerts daily.

Simple information system to a large number of users.
Communications are promoted with revenues through alerts.
The subscription process is immediate and does not involve infrastructure costs.

Loyalty is an important factor in these services, so they are recurrent daily revenues whose evolution can be followed in real time during the project.

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New subscription system with the best guarantees for the users and offering services according to current regulation.

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