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Created based on simple Chat services, Chat-O or Chat with Operator is a software or application that enables the creation of bidirectional channels of communication between a company and its clients.

Our platform includes a turnkey service which comprises connections with operators, implementation in the clients' systems, the creation of dynamic interfaces to facilitate the work of the operators, monitoring of statistics to improve decision-making and of course, a 24x7 advice service to make your project non-stop.

  Thousands of people look for their alter ego in online chats.

How's it work?

There are many applications. From professional advice or consultation services, training centres, leisure services for adults, etc. The only requirement is that a regular line of communication exists with them.

Any client can implement this software in their systems to create a Chat-O. The users send an SMS that is recieved and answered in real time by any operator.
Case Study

Client: Mobile Phone Technical Service.
Need: To have a simple and profitable tool for handling incidents.
Action: The operators are provided with an application where they receive clients' SMS requesting help. They can respond via text, wap link, MMS, etc.

The consultations received via SMS are easier to manage for smaller incidents.
Responding via mobile brings companies closer to their clients and allows them to add value to the service.

The infrastructures needed are minimal and perfectly adaptable to former solutions.

Access to Chat 
Our conventional Chat services can also be accessed to promote communication between users.

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