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The simplest way of promoting your services and contents

Considered to be one of the most secure and simple payment methods, micropayments allow the consumer to access the content and services of a company by simply sending an SMS or making a call to a 905 number at a special rate.

Our Platform immediately generates the codes or access keys that are provided to the user, with already-established messages from our client companies, as well as total costs which are also fixed beforehand and full flexibility when integrating into your sites.

For any company

Any company can integrate micropayment services, even if they are not aware of premium platforms.  
Easy integration

Integrating the payment module is tremendously simple. By simply copying a code your webmaster will have completed the service. 

Immediate profitability

SMS or voice micropayments have the advantage of producing immediate results. Thanks to their simplicity, in just a few minutes you can see your first takings. 
New markets without limits

Thanks to our network we can offer micropayment services via SMS or voice in dozens of countries. Turnkey; without any worries.
Credit cards are being replaced by micropayments via SMS or call.

Case study

Client: Provider of games for mobiles
Necesidad: To generate new revenue without spending on infrastructure
Action: Launch their online calalogue with micropayment via SMS. Clients send the word GAMES to 7022 followed by the ID of the game to receive a download code.
Advantages: Direct sale from the catalogue without Infrastructure or costs
Marketing of the catalogue in different markets
Change of prices according to demand
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Case Study

They are the ideal solution for companies for content, professional services, access to premium zones, ...

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Micropayments integrated on your site

Our platform facilitates the integration of micropayment services on any site.

We offer online billing, 24/7 technical assistance and a complete panel of results monitoring in real time.
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