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A competition enables any company to create an online event that is very attractive to their audience and tremendously profitable in terms of return of investment. This type of project also registers a high response and is one of the most effective ways of creating interactivity between brands and their clients.

Running multiple competitions simultaneously through our Premium Platform is very simple, as it is activated immediately, monitors responses in real time and therefore makes the action more effective.

Choose the ideal competition

Through our platform you can choose between Closed Competitions, multiple choice, or Open Competitions, to receive open answers.  
Integration in any medium

We integrate your competition on the web, television, magazines, etc. We offer high dynamism and added value for your client ... 
Competition from start to finish

Our exclusive platform allows for a competition to be designed from start to finish: response messages, selection of the winner, management of results...
Interactivity and new revenue

It is one of the most attractive ways of encouraging interaction with your audience. It enables their partipation and generates new sources of income. 
Games of chance require a secure platform that encourages participation.

Case study

Cliente: Television channel
Need: Generate turnover in sports programme
Action: Closed competition. The audience responds to the presenter's questions via mobile. For example:
Who is the goalkeeper for Real Madrid?
A: Casillas    B: Reina
Send an SMS to 7022 with RM A or RM B. 
Advantages: Unlimited applications of the competition concept
Does not require infrastructure or additional costs
Facilitates participation
Can be combined with Votes, Visor SMS, etc.
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If you like you can contact our business team to discover the advantages of an exclusive platform.


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Case study

They are an ideal option for the media or product marketing activities that aim to encourage the participation of users.

We offer an analysis of the business opportunities to help you decide.
Integrated competitions

Our platform enables integration on any site or multimedia support, with a technical support team to provide it. 

Online billing, 24/7 technical assistance and a control panel of results in real time.
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