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Benefit from one of the most attractive businesses: Communication

Consumers' main demand from technology is Communication. Therefore chats are one of the services in highest demand from companies in order to benefit from the immediate bidirectionality that the mobile environment provides.

Through this option, Ecommfactory provides their clients with personalisable tools, easy to integrate in their existing online developments and a control panel at their service to manage all the necessary configurations. It has never been so easy to implement a guaranteed chat in such a short space of time.

Maximum profitability

Every day we dedicate hours to personal and professional communication. The companies pioneering in satisfying this need have guaranteed success.
Growing loyalty

The users hope to join communities where they share pastimes, interests, meet others, ... Once they have met, they alway come back.
Animated Chat

Our platform enables chats where the users interact, but it is also possible to add promotions that make them more attractive. Go to Chat-O.
Version for wap

And if the future is browsing on the mobile, why not create chat for wap? We believe in new ways of communicating like the premium service.
In just a few characters you uncover potential business for your company.

Case Study

Client: Online contacts company
Need: Promote its database and improve the ratio of turnover from one off users
Action: Each user has an identifier to participate in SMS chat
Advantages: Greater turnover per user
New mobile community
24 hour contacts service
Increased loyalty of the users of the service
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Case study

There are thousands of possible versions of chat: from clubs for adolescents, leisure, pastimes, sports, etc.

If you need advice contact our company. We offer an analysis of the business opportunities to help you decide.
Chat integrated on your medium

Our platform enables the integration of chat services on websites, television, etc.

Access online billing, 24/7 technical assistance and a complete control panel of results in real time.
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