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Publicity within the reach of any user

Our platform aims to promote the mobile environment as the base of any business.

In the case of the media, generating publicity is the main source of turnover and classified adverts play an important part in this.

Through this service Ecommfactory allows for the receipt of small text advertisements from individuals or companies to be run in the media and facilitates interactivity through premium numbers that generate more turnover.

Reduction in personal costs

This service allows for more turnover to be generated from advertising with lower handling and management costs, and also more immediate payment. 
Loyalty of the audience

Classified advertisements are one of the sections most in demand. Creating a useful and attractive section also improves turnover rates.
Integrated billing

To increase costs, some online billing processes have been designed which can be fully integrated into your accounting. 
Elimination of barriers

Small advertisers overcome the spatiotemporal barriers of other media and increase interest in this type of services. 
With Mobile Advertisements large posters transform the screen of the mobile.

Case study

Client: National Daily Newspaper. Advertising Department
Need: To gather offers of property rental
Action: The landlord sends the word RENT to 7022 and their advert specifying characteristics, price, etc. Several SMS can be required to design the advertisement. Those interested send a premium SMS to access the contact telephone
Improves access to the classifieds service for all their readers, consolidates bills and reduces managing costs
Increase in both applications and revenues

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Case study

It is the ideal solution for any means of communication, and even for companies' HR departments.

If you need advice contact our business. We offer an analysis of the business opportunities to help you decide.

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