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Billing by time of service: the most suitable method

A very comprehensive formula for billing value added services. Whether for individuals, customer service centres, leisure products or basically any company that requires billing by connection time.

Through our platform we create an interface where we show the user how to contact our system via voice.

The user can access specified content during the call, or a conversation with a third party, explanatory phrases, etc.

A new channel

This service can be integrated into the systems of any company to create an exclusive and high value marketing solution.  
Easy integration

Integration is equally simple. Not only on a website, but on any interface or application. We bring all that is needed to your webmaster. 

Direct revenues

With Voice Access there are no more intermediaries. The revenues are direct and the margin accumulated can be seen at any time. 
New markets without limits

A telephone call and the whole world within your reach. Our connections make it possible to access any market.  
Voice access enables the payment of value added services by time.

CasE Study

Client: Financial Advisors
Need: To generate new turnover without spending on infrastructure
Action: A new telephone advice service is advertised using a special rate 80X number.
Also access to support documentation can be given to other members following registration checks.
Advantages: Direct revenues without infrastructure or costs
Marketing of services in different cities
More proximity to the clients
Possibility of providing services from a mobile
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Case study

They are an ideal solution for businesses for contents, professional services, consultations, ...

If you need advice contact our company. We offer an analysis of the business opportunities to help you decide.
Payment by voice on your site

Our platform facilitates the integration of Voice Access services for any company.

We offer online billing, 24/7 assistance and a complete control panel of results in real time.
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