Premium Platform / House Brand

Acts as a successful way of doing business

We share our technology and we share our success. We can sum up our objective in this phrase: share the business of our main products with you.

Marketing as a house brand of the projects in our platform allows you to have in a short space of time a service which is completely ready for marketing and with a precise idea of the return that it can provide, with the guarantee of having all our infrastructure at your service.

Business plan

We want to share with you the results on products that have already been developed. We offer you transparency and clear objectives.  
Guaranteed support

Our business is your business. Therefore we guarantee an immediate response to any incident, constant support, etc. 
Statistics and reporting

We provide a complete set of monitoring for all results, direct, without preliminary filters. Follow it in real time. 
International voting

Why think of limits when we don't do it? Access hundreds of markets to multiply your revenues.  
Our services can be marketed in a simple and profitable way.

Marketing: In-house marketing, creativity and communication team at your service
Creation of positioning projects and raising company profile
Inclusion in our advertising network to generate more traffic
Support: Technical team at your service 24/7
Immediate assistance to resolve incidents
Support in implementing improvements
Billing: Online billing and follow-up of results in real time
Ideal conditions for receiving payments as quickly as possible
Technology: The whole Ecommfactory Group R+D team at your service
Access the most advanced services before your competition
Want more information?

If you like you can contact our business team to discover the advantages of an exclusive platform.


Send your enquiries to our email:
Become our partner?

Our platform represents a business opportunity for any company, without impacting your sector.

Contact our company and a personal advisor will offer you the best way of generating business according to your preferences and specifications.
Integrated development

Our platform is prepared to work on all levels with your company in a simple way.

We also offer online billing, 24/7 technical assistance and a complete control panel of results in real time.
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